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Cushions Hollywood

Cushions Hollywood

Hollywood Reupholstery boasts of a top-ranking cushions Hollywood service. What makes us highly effective is that we understand that a lounge space can be a remarkable amenity in any Hollywood home. Whether you are planning to spruce up a living room, a bedroom, an outdoor area or an office, cushions can definitely complete the look of your space.

Our cushions Hollywood service carries a wide variety of styles and an elaborate library of fabrics. We supply and manufacture different types of cushions including bench cushions, chaise lounge cushions, poufs, floor cushions, marine seating, church pews, orthopedic cushions and a wide array of outdoor cushions for your patio, porch or deck. We also have a fabric guide that offers various colors, textures and patterns that will absolutely make a spectacle of your style.

After a long day or even on our lazy days, we just want to be able to relax and sprawl around. This is where the comfort of cushions becomes essential. What’s even more amazing about having cushions is that it doesn’t only give an unmatched kind of comfort, but it also adds life to any room. You can have the simplest and plainest furniture, flooring and walls but still have that certain sparkle just by adding the right kind and amount of cushions. You can also change the mood dramatically by adding a spritz of patterns and embroidery, or by toning it down to neutrals and simple prints. The best thing about cushions is that it is very versatile and easy to restyle. Let’s say your usual setting is traditional, classy and neutral with a touch of isolated perky patterns. A party is coming up and you want to spruce up your space. Cushions can easily help you with this. You can play with different colors and prints to match your theme and maybe even add beautiful floor cushions for guests to lounge in.

Cushions, albeit inexpensive, can also create a very luxurious and tasteful atmosphere. You can have tufted cushions in your bedroom or living room, water-resistant chaise lounge cushions by the pool, or giant canvas floor cushions in your sitting area.

The ways to enjoy and benefit from cushions is limitless. Our cushions Hollywood service will make sure we can turn your dream into reality by being with you every step of the way.  We also have a team of experts who will be partnering with you through every course and decision. So, if you’re itching to get your space primped but have no idea where to start, don’t worry because our cushions Hollywood service crew is always enthusiastic to help you from square one.

Cushions are also essential for those who have lumbar concerns. You can either get a ready-made orthopedic cushion or have one perfectly tailor-made. Cushions significantly help relieve discomfort and bad posture that’s why picking the best type is also vital.

The question now is, how do we choose our cushions?

As previously mentioned, our cushions Hollywood service crew will help you in every step of the way. From visualizing your desired outcome, to thorough planning, to finally laying it all out. First, you just have to discuss all the details and aspirations that you have with our team of experts. Depending on the course of your discussion with the team, a site visit or a look at certain furniture may be required. Soon after that, you will then start with the planning stage. What colors do you want? Do you prefer patterned, embroidered, printed or just solid hues? How about the texture? If it’s for outdoor use, do you think it’s best to use waterproof materials or is that feature not necessary for you?

Let’s discuss a little more about colors. Choosing colors may sound like a toddler’s task but I tell you, it is no ABC. Choosing a color is just as vital as choosing the right kind of texture – cotton, linen, silk, canvas or whatnot. You see, colors can make or break a room’s overall beauty. It can also compromise a room’s theme. Imagine furnishing your rustic living room with a distastefully chosen set of colors. Let’s say you’ve got a countryside theme going on and you choose colors and patterns that don’t match. Would that be something you’d be happy about?

In choosing a color, the safest way is to choose a certain palette and then play with some patterns and prints as you wish. Since colors set a certain mood, we’ll give you a quick run-through of common emotions that each color brings. White is generally known to exude pure, luxurious, modern, clean and stoic styles. Pink presents girly, soft and sweet vibes. Orange is for fun, playful and warm; yellow for spring-like and positive; red for passionate, strong and erotic; brown for comfortable, earthy and inviting; blue for fresh and calming; gray for classical and modern; and black for bold, strong and luxurious. Of course that’s just a general idea. You can still mix and match however you wish.

Also, don’t be afraid to combine textures in your space. You can choose to have silk, velvet and fur altogether to create that modern and elegant look. You can also add spice by including patterned cushions and maybe even themed ones like Indian, Asian or Paisley. A varied set of sizes and shapes can also help with the improvement. You can choose to have medium-sized cushions and then add a few large ones to create a sense of character.

Our cushions Hollywood service also offers an array of fillings for your cushions. The most common filling is polyurethane foam, which comes in different densities. The higher the density, the firmer the cushion will be. Other common types of filling include polyester, feather, batting and memory foam

For cushion covers, we have already established the importance of color selection. However, we have not stressed the importance of material selection. The type of fabric to be used for the cushions is often determined by the function of the space as well as the style of the entire area.

Hollywood Reupholsterer will definitely guide you in making your space everybody’s favorite part of your home. You are always welcome to visit our showroom or contact us directly either via phone or email. Pick up the phone now and dial 1-855-999-1099 or send us an e-mail at

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