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Wall Upholstery Hollywood

Wall Upholstery Hollywood

Designing and redesigning a room entails a lot of creativity. You can have the most luxurious furniture in the market or flaunt an elaborate collection of decors and still find the room boring. Do you want to know a secret? All it takes is a fascinating wall for a room to stand out. In fact, more and more people are now turning to our wall upholstery Hollywood service to snag that extra oomph.

Hollywood has always been known to be the turf of a lot of superstars. It goes to say that Hollywood boasts a string of extravagant celebrity houses. If your ultimate goal is to spruce up your home or office space, our wall upholstery Hollywood service is just what you need. We do all kinds of upholstery, use the most high-end materials and utilize an efficient, customized finishing system. If you want us to upholster directly to the wall itself or perhaps use panels, we can absolutely work that out for you! We also showcase an assortment of fabrics that will truly match any space – traditional, modern, Scandinavian, contemporary or whatnot.

Wall Upholstery Hollywood

Wall upholstery is the most fashionable and ideal way to beautify a home. For one, it adds splendor and visual texture to any room. It is perfect not only for residential spaces but for commercial spaces as well. In fact, wall upholstery has already taken a front seat in the design of commercial spaces. Over the years, it has grown popular in restaurants, offices, conference rooms, galleries, theaters and educational institutions. It has also been highlighted in a lot of residential spaces depending on the style of the owner. While most people feature a single floor-to-ceiling upholstered wall in their bedrooms, others prefer staggered upholstered walls in the living room. Some others also like an entire room of upholstered walls. Whatever suits your taste, our wall upholstery Hollywood service has you covered.

You see, there’s an endless list of reasons as to why wall upholstery is a lot more beneficial. Aside from making the room aesthetically pleasing, it is also faster, easier and more practical than any other remodeling options. For example, a certain wall in the spare room may be too unsightly to bear. How do you deal with it? Repaint the wall? Add wallpaper? What about if there’s a ghastly hole sitting in the middle of it? What are you going to do? Wall upholstery is actually your best bet. Because it can be installed over irregular surfaces, you won’t need to have the original wall removed or repainted. It also doesn’t involve the use of any chemical or toxin so it’s safer, especially if you have tots around. Durability-wise, wall upholstery is also relatively more resilient compared to wallpaper, paint and any other form of wall covering. It can even last for decades without needing to be replaced. Aesthetics? Check. Durability? Check. Functionality? Check. Practicality? Double check.

Another upside to wall upholstery is protection. It has the ability to protect walls for a very long time and prevent it from being damaged or easily marred. It also creates a tailored effect as it can easily be shaped to follow architectural contours and any other built-in features.

Soundproofing is another noted benefit of wall upholstery. It mitigates unwanted noise from the outside and improves the acoustics on the inside. This is the reason why a lot of music studios, home theaters, band rooms and movie cinemas prefer to have upholstered walls and sometimes even ceilings, too.

Now, what do you have to consider when getting wall upholstery Hollywood?

The main one is probably the type of fabric. We all know there’s a long list of fabric types out there. So the question is, which is best? It all depends on how you want your wall to be upholstered. Most designers will suggest a natural synthetic type of fabric because this kind is usually more long-wearing and versatile. Cotton, linen, silk and other lighter fabrics are generally suitable for a non-tufted wall installation. On the other hand, heavier materials like velvet and leather are best for tufted installations. You also have to take note that in California, the use of flame-retardant materials are required. Luckily, our wall upholstery Hollywood service strictly follows this state protocol so as not to compromise fire safety.

The next factor that you need to consider is pattern matching. Of course, the bigger the space that you will cover, the more fabric you will need. If your heart is set on a certain patterned fabric, be ready to shell out a little more. Patterned fabrics usually cost more than plain, solid ones.

Color is also an important factor. If your furniture is covered in red and your rug is dark-colored and patterned, would you want orange patterned walls as well? Simply put, you have to make sure that the colors in the entire room matches or complements each other. Make use of a color palette or think of a theme so that you can stick to that while choosing a color for your walls. If you want to make a statement, you can use strong colours and vibrant designs and then blend them with natural or lighter colors.

With all this information, everything may sound so overwhelming especially to first-timers. To make your experience worry- and hassle-free, our wall upholstery Hollywood service offers FREE consultation and professional assistance all throughout the process. You don’t have to worry so much about looking for the perfect kind of fabric or the best type of wall installation. All you have to do is give us a call, tell us what you want and leave everything to our highly proficient, expert upholsterers.

Hollywood Reupholstery has been in the industry for over 30 years. Aside from our highly qualified and experienced upholsterers, we also have access to an array of premium, quality fabrics from all over the world. We offer a wide range of services that are not limited to wall upholstery. These services include furniture repair and restoration. If you’re ready to give your space a revamp, send us an email at design@hollywoodupholstery.com.


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