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Window Treatments Hollywood

Window Treatments Hollywood

There’s nothing wrong with a minimalist home interior. Some people love clean lines and simple decorations. But there’s a big difference between minimalism and lackluster style. The former is uncluttered and unpretentious, while the latter is just bare and uninspiring. Even if the house interior is no-fuss and straightforward, it still needs a touch of design to make it welcoming and inhabitable. This is one of the reasons our window treatments Hollywood service is sought-after here in Los Angeles.

Homeowners and businesses from Los Angeles that need window treatments and coverings best hire the services of Hollywood Upholstery. With over 30 years of working experience and skills, our local company has been the go-to window treatments Hollywood service provider in the region. Both residential and commercial building owners rely on our expertise because we only work with the very best craftspeople in LA. Also, we only work with top-quality materials made in the US.

Our team of professional upholsterers, seasoned designers, and skilled fabric experts is equipped to handle different designs and styles of window treatments. Anyone can go and see our products – and even our process –  if you won’t take my word for it. We have a workroom and a showroom in Los Angeles open to clients and walk-ins.

window treatments Hollywood

Window treatments bring a particular kind of allure and charm to any space. They can set the direction of the style a room represents. More importantly, they are not just necessary for their visual appeal, but for their functionality as well. Window treatments are necessary because they provide privacy and security from the outside environment. They also make it convenient to set the right kind of lighting and a stable temperature in a room.

Now, there are different kinds of window treatments. Most of the clients I’ve spoken to had a hard time choosing the right style for their home or business space. To help you with this dilemma, we offer free consultations. Our service experts can answer your questions to determine which style will work best for your place.

In fact, let me give you a bit of a sample of what you can expect from the window treatments Hollywood services we offer.

Curtains. Window curtains are arguably the most popular and most used type of window treatment. I’ll find it hard to believe if you say you don’t have a curtain at home right now. They are usually hung in the kitchen and bedroom windows. Curtains are often used to drape windows at home, but an increasing number of establishments and facilities also use them to inspire a homelike environment.

Part of our window treatments Hollywood service is to make customized curtains. Hollywood Upholstery has a hub that houses thousands of fabrics and materials. You can personally check out our library to choose the fabric – style, color, texture, pattern – that you want. In most instances, curtains are made with a light material. But we can work with any fabric that you choose. The most important thing is that the window treatment provides the solution to your problem whether it’s privacy, lighting, interior appeal, or so on.

Drapes. Draperies are almost similar to curtains. The main difference between the two is the material used. Curtains are usually made from light fabric. On the other hand, drapes are typically made from heavy, luxurious textile. Also, the fabric used in drapes is either lined or pleated. The drapes are attached to a rod through a cord for effortless open-and-close movement.

Draperies are usually more stylish and formal than curtains. They are typically found in living rooms. Establishments like theaters and five-star restaurants also use drapes to provide privacy to their clients. Hollywood Upholstery has a considerable assortment of plush fabrics used for draperies. These fabulous materials are available in various designs and colors.

Blinds. Window blinds are relatively standard coverings. A lot of homes in Los Angeles use window blinds to provide them privacy from the outside world. They are also frequently found in offices. They are liked by many home and business owners because they are straightforward to use. Also, they are good at providing privacy and preventing the sun (and the nosy neighbors) from peeking inside.

Blinds have boards or screens that can be tipped to open or close using a cord. They can be drawn up and down too. Often, window blinds are made out of hard materials such as wood and metal. Our window treatments Hollywood service includes access to a wide selection of supplies to create custom blinds.

Shutters. Window shutters are old-style treatments that look great in houses and establishments with a rustic, country or homey interior. They are typically made from natural or coated wood, which we have at our workroom. We also have faux wood from different brands if this is an option you want to explore.

To get an authentic look, our designers can even paint the faux wood with earthy shades. If you have a particular color in mind, we can also work with that. Window shutters are mostly made-to-order. Customized screens mean a properly-fitted window treatment that works smoothly.

These are just a few of the window treatments Hollywood services we offer. I urge you to visit our workroom and showroom to experience and see firsthand how we work. With more than three decades in the industry, we’ve made and customized tens of thousands of window treatments in various designs and styles using various materials. Without a doubt, Hollywood Upholstery can provide the window treatment service you need to beautify your home or business space.

And because we know that customized window treatments are more expensive than off-the-rack curtains and drapes, we’ll help you with maintenance. Beyond the lifetime warranty we offer, our consultants will provide you with guidelines to properly care for your custom-made treatments. Cleaning and maintenance highly depend on the materials we use. Knowing how to keep them clean all the time will go a long way in ensuring you get to enjoy them for years.

For more information or inquiries, call Hollywood Upholstery at 1-855-999-1099 or email us at now. We also offer free estimates and consultations.


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